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High Value Tasks

Prioritizing what we work on is important, but consider prioritizing your tasks in order of higher value.¬†Higher value tasks for customer experience teams should simply be prioritized by placing higher value on any task that involves direct customer engagement. The... Continue Reading →

Top 3 Focus Areas for Building Effective Customer Care + Success Teams

People, Process, and System are the top 3 areas to focus on when building or growing Customer Care + Success teams for fast growing companies. People People are the most important element. Process and systems can provide safety nets, but... Continue Reading →

The Top 5 Technical Support Best Practices For SaaS Customers

SaaS (Software as a Service) vendors operate very differently than software or hardware product vendors and require SaaS-specific technical support best practices, to ensure an overall exemplary customer experience. It's a service, not a product. SaaS vendors operate a 24x7x365... Continue Reading →

Customer satisfaction is not like a static gear, more like a dynamic tachometer.

Okay, we are heavy on the automobile analogies, but both customer service teams and technical support teams understand that customer satisfaction is not a static state, but a dynamic pulse, and can change on a moments notice. This is true... Continue Reading →

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This blog is written by Trevis who has over 25 years of global leadership experience building teams, process, and systems to support products and services for high-tech companies. This blog is focused on defining best practices for both customers using... Continue Reading →

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