Prioritizing what we work on is important, but consider prioritizing your tasks in order of higher customer value. Higher value tasks for customer experience teams should simply be prioritized by placing higher value on any task that involves direct customer engagement.

The top 3 areas where customer facing teams can have an immediate impact with high value focus includes:

  1. Have Direct Customer Engagement
    • Know your customers – learn the key customer contacts, and create a connection
    • Access – Ensure customers know they can reach you directly
    • Engage – Pick-up the phone and talk to your customers on an ongoing basis versus sending more electronic messages
  2. Solve The Larger Theme Issues
    • Identify the top 3 theme issues from feedback data and support issue data
    • Work hard to solve the larger theme issues
    • Do not solve the smaller issues over and over
  3. Act Upon Feedback
    • Offer many system tools to allow customers to share real-time feedback
    • Review and act upon all feedback
    • Send customers personal notes that their feedback was acted upon