With a growing customer base, customer experience teams need to grow and scale as well, and many times automation can help teams scale, but a common negative side effect for technical support teams is the use of robotic written answers on support tickets and communication. The intended goal is to reduce time to communicate with each customer by using canned scripts, but there is a fine line between effective automation and a good customer experience.

So what are the key areas that technical support teams need to help balance automation usageĀ and an overall good customer experience ?

  • No robots allowed – be human on communication, and use no scripts, automation can be leveraged in other areas such as auto escalation when key milestones are missed
  • Slow down to speed up – take the time to read what the customer is really saying and ensure all points are addressed. It is also key to read the customer temperature to adjust and tune the response and priority
  • Replay what was heard – ensure teams replay back to customers what was heard to double check the understanding is correct