Reducing risk to ensuring a great customer experience is an effective approach for reactive customer experience teams, like technical support, to take. There can be common risks that derail the customer experience, especially when working directly with technical support teams.

The primary goal of technical support teams is solving problems, and that is simply done by hiring the right people, training them and equipment the team with proper tools and automation.

What are top risks that the technical support team can focus on reducing ?

  • Customer pulse or priority of Issue risk – Improper reading of the customers sentiment or pulse along with their critical deadlines will lead to misunderstandings and improper focus or priority. Ensure teams understand what customers say and what they mean and directly ask for level of importance and key deadlines.
  • Lingering issue risk – Problems that linger will risk a good customer experience. The goal of technical support is to solve problems, and quickly. Ensure that system triggers and alerts are established to identify lingering issues and focus to resolve.
  • Paper-cut issue risk – Issues can accumulate over time and lead to a poor customer experience that may not be apparent. When solving individual issues, look to ensure the bigger picture is seen. Typically this is monitored from customer success teams, but technical support teams can help as well